Great Notley Parish Council wants to make sure this website is available and accessible to everyone

Legal Documents

The legally required accessibility statements may be viewed below

Website Accessibility Statement 2024

Accessible Documents Policy 2024

Practical Guidance

In addition, here is some guidance on how to make the website even easier for you to use!

We recommend use of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge Browsers.

Mouse keys

Guidance on how to use the website without a mouse using an Apple Mac based system 

Guidance on how to use the website without a mouse using a Windows 10 based system 

Magnification and Colours

To make the page and text larger you can press CTRL and + together and if you mouse has a scroll wheel you can press CTRL use the wheel to spin one way to zoom in and the other way to scroll out.

You will find an expansion tab on the documents on this website which will enable you to enlarge its size.  In order for the document to flow in the much larger size please press ‘view’ ‘zoom’ ‘reflow’ to make sure it fits your screen.

You can change background colours in PDF documents as follows - Edit > Preferences > Accessibility > Replace document colours

Ease of Use

All documents have been uploaded with bookmarks.  Press the bookmarks tab and any arrows within that tab and you will find the headings in the document so you can navigate easily both using tabs and screen readers or just generally searching through a document.

Each document is set out with a clear font.

If you are using Adobe reader it has a ‘read out loud’ feature under the ‘view’ tab

Tools and plug ins for you to use

Alternative ways of getting magnification include using speed reading plug-in like Spreed for Google Chrome

or using page de-clutter tools like Reader for FireFox or Mercury Reader for Chrome.

These allow you to control both text size and background colours.

You can change colours instantly using HighContrast for Chrome or NoSquint for FireFox.

 Read more effectively 

Skim read a page via headings - HeadingsMap (FireFox) and HeadingsMap (Chrome) which extract all the headings and subheadings into a navigable list.

Listen to content 

You can listen to page content using Google Selection Reader

Any Problems

Great Notley Parish Council wishes to be responsive to your needs so if you encounter any problems in accessing the website please let us know and we will try and address your issue!  To contact us please email