What does the parish council do?

Here is a summary of what the Parish Council does 

The Parish litter team provide on average 70 hours a week litter picking, emptying the 39 bins in the Parish, collecting fly tips and deep cleaning hedges. They also spread salt during snowy weather.

The Parish Council acts as the voice of the Community - it listens to the Community and makes representations on a variety of issues effecting the Parish such as bus services, the impact of Stansted Airport, planning applications and Police responses in the Parish.

The Parish Council liaises with Community groups and local organisations particularly at this time of a global pandemic to assist residents.

The Parish Council keeps Residents updated on a variety of issues via its Facebook group, with the ‘Great Notley Times’ magazine and this website 

The Parish Council acquires and maintains assets for the Parish including seats, bins a defibrillator and two bus shelters.

The Parish Council works with other agencies to address problem parking issues and highway issues for example the yellow lines by the Square were installed as a result of an application by the Parish Council

The Parish Council is working collaboratively with Braintree District Council regarding green spaces in the Parish – at present the Parish Council is engaging with the District Council regarding the tree strategy for the Parish.

The Parish Council engages a volunteer tree warden who assists in the maintenance of Parish owned trees, assists the Parish Council in responding the Tree Preservation Orders and instigates ‘green’ projects in the Parish for example the bluebell planting project

Activities are organised such as the Torchlight procession and carol service and the Remembrance Day service

Support is provided to local voluntary organisations through the small grant scheme

The Parish Council maintains and improves the Levens Way Play area

The Parish Council maintains Notley Green recreation area (RAFT) and at present is planning to upgrade the area.

The Parish Council maintains and repairs a small number of streetlights that it owns

The Parish Council maintains the storage unit which includes space for community groups.

The Parish Council maintains the White Court Hospital memorial and the flag poles

The Parish Council plans for the future and looks to promote initiatives that will benefit the community

Lots more information can be found on this website and any questions may be addressed to the Clerk either by phone 07585 232933 or email greatnotleyclerk@gmail.com