On this page you can view the current Parish Council Policies and procedures.

The Standing Orders are the rules of conduct of Parish Council meetings and may be viewed below

Great Notley Parish Council Standing Orders

As Parish Councils deal with public money they are obliged to approve a set of financial regulations and abide by them in their financial dealings.  The current financial regulations and other financial policies may be viewed on the next line.

Great Notley Parish Council Financial Regulations 

Great Notley Parish Council Investment Policy

Great Notley Parish Council Reserves Policy

The conduct of all Parish Councillors is governed by the Code of Conduct which you may view on the next line.

Great Notley Parish Council Code of Conduct

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 required all Parish Councils to adopt a publication scheme to be approved by the Information Commissioner.  Great Notley Parish Council has adopted the model scheme which can be downloaded below.  The Publication scheme sets out the types of information that the Parish Council will make available as a matter of normal business and much of the information is available on this website.

Freedom of Information Act Scheme


You may view all other Parish Council policies below

Data Protection Policy

Document management policy

Communication Policy

Grant Policy

Policy on Early Planning Consultation

Training and Development Policy

Scheme of Delegation

Great Notley Parish Council Health and Safety Policy

First Aid policy 

Complaints Procedure

Vexatious or Persistent Complainants Policy

Emergency Plan

Media Policy

Health & Wellbeing Plan

Equal Opportunities Policy

Community Engagement Policy

Dignity at Work and anti-bullying Policy

Biodiversity Policy

Data Audit 2023-24