Survey of Cuckoo Way, Wood Way and Elsham Drive

In October 2022 the Parish Council sent a letter to 20 houses at the bottom of Cuckoo Way (the petrol station end) plus all the houses in  Wood Way and Elsham Drive regarding concerns relating to parking between the junction of Cuckoo Way by the Tesco garage up to the entrance to Wood Way to find out residents view as to whether the issue is a concern and to assist in deciding what actions can be taken.  

The letter resulted in 26 responses by letter, email and telephone.  The Parish Council is grateful to those who responded as it raised some issues of which the Parish Council was not aware.  


There does seem to be a consensus that the parking at the bottom of Cuckoo Way is at the very least inconsiderate and in some cases creates a dangerous situation.

Many allegations were made that the parking at the bottom of Cuckoo Way is either residents of Cuckoo Way or their visitors, contractors or people delivering to those addresses.  Although there is parking at the rear of those properties it is often easier to park in the road, especially for larger vehicles. One resident noted that since the letters were sent that parking had dramatically decreased in the location. 

It is not entirely clear how much of a problem those using the Country Park are presenting as some of those who responded did not see it as an issue whereas others felt it was an issue only in the summer whilst other felt it was a serious concern and the issue of fishermen was raised.

Many people were critical of the parking charges levied at the Discovery Centre.

It would appear that there are parking issues in Wood Way which are far more substantial than has previously been appreciated and there is a concern that the problems would be exacerbated if yellow lines were in situ at Cuckoo Way.  In particular the issue of airport parking which has been seen in other locations in the village now seems to have moved to Wood Way.

Another point of view expressed was that regardless of the impact on others the situation on Cuckoo Way is dangerous although that was not a view universally shared.

One particular issue that came up again and again is parking on the corner of Cuckoo Way and Wood Way and opposite a private drive for around 5 houses at the bottom of Wood Way that has twice presented a challenge for ambulances in recent months and those residents are keen for action to be taken to protect the corner of Wood Way/Cuckoo Way and the private access way. 

Another issue frequently highlighted was the speed of vehicles entering or leaving the village at that location.

Some people were in favour of yellow lines but many were not.

A handful of people mentioned a residents’ parking zone

Signage and speed bumps were suggested as an alternative to yellow lines.

Another suggestion was to introduce timed parking restrictions similar to the Cuckoo Way/Bridge End Lane triangle to deter longer periods of parking.

Actions taken

Having carefully considered the responses from residents the Parish Council made an application to the North Essex Parking Partnership to prohibit parking on the corner of Wood Way/Cuckoo Way junction which will also offer protection from obstruction in relation to the entrance to the private driveway.

In addition, the Parish Council requested that the North Essex Parking Partnership introduce timed parking restrictions at the bottom of Cuckoo Way which will act as a deterrent to long-term parking in that area whilst providing some flexibility to residents. 

Current status

The North Essex Parking Partnership has stated that it could introduce the following measures - 

That a single timed red route restriction is put into force on the opposite side of the road to numbers 2-40 Cuckoo Way, with double red route junction protection proposed for Wood Way.  The intention will be to try and deter the sporadic shorter-term and longer-term parking, some of which is linked to the nearby Country Park, enforcing restrictions via a CCTV vehicle.

However the Parking Partnership are only be willing to introduce those restrictions if the proposal has the support of 75% of the households within an area prescribed by them which comprises 25 houses and thus needed the support of at least 18 houses. 

The Parish Council therefore set up a Survey Monkey survey and hand delivered a letter to those 25 households prior to Christmas with a deadline to complete the survey by 16th January 2023.  

The outcome was that there were 12 responses in total and out of those responses only 9 households supported the proposals.

The Parking Partnership has been advised of the survey results and has stated - 

Unfortunately, based on the responses there is simply insufficient support to take a proposal forward.
Due to tighter controls on our budget moving forward, there will be more scrutiny on applications received and partner authority members, as agreed at a recent meeting, are likely to receive fewer allocated scheme slots than those currently available.  We must therefore ensure that all requests are adequately supported which in turn lessens the risks to our organisation and partners and enables us to deliver as many supported scheme requests as we can.

Unfortunately this means that the application cannot proceed any further.