Tree and vegetation Strategy for Great Notley

Braintree District Council is putting together an updated tree and vegetation management strategy for the Parish of Great Notley.

A public meeting took place on 27th June 2019 and the presentation can be viewed below

Tree Strategy presentation and proposals

An updated draft strategy has now been received and can be viewed below.  Please note that this does not include the updated strategy for the trees along Great Notley Avenue which will be included in a separate document which is awaited.  Some maintenance work to the trees will be carried out during February 2021 but this is to protect the canopies from high sided vehicles and deal with street sign visibility.

Great Notley Vegetation Management Plan 2020

Vegetation Management Plan Map 2020

After some delay an update on the progress of the tree strategy was received at the Parish Council meeting on 6th March 2023 that Braintree District Council has been carrying out a body of work in relation to its tree strategy for the entire district which is being presented to the cabinet member for review.  It is hoped that further documentation including plans for Great Notley will be available in the summer of 2023.

The Parish Council will keep residents informed.